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Fostering Grit

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Summary:  This blog post from Edutopia makes five points about fostering grit and persistence in your students.

Source:  Andrew Miller

Categories:  Performance Values, Grit

Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement

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Summary:  This blog post shares the responses of 220 eighth grade students when asked the question “What engages students?”

Source:  Heather Wolpert Gawron

Categories: Student Engagement, Classroom Practice

Teach the Teachers Well

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Summary:  Teacher training is important in helping students develop SEL skills in students.

Source: Suzanne Bouffard

Categories:  SEL Basics, SEL Teacher Training


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Summary:  The author suggests that “Servant Leadership” helps school leaders manage the many mandates and changes that they are facing.

Source: Dr. Deirdre Spollen-LaRaia, Principal, Hawthorne Elementary School, Teaneck, New Jersey

Categories:  Servant Leadership, Leadership Qualities

The Importance of EQ over IQ in Business

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Summary:  This video clip emphasizes the importance of Emotional Intelligence in the business setting.

Source:  Bill George. Harvard School of Business

Categories:  Emotional Intelligence

Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children

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Summary: In this video clip, Daniel Goleman asserts that emotional intelligence can be learned and suggests ways to help children develop EQ skills.

Source:  Daniel Goleman

Categories: Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence

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Summary:  In the following video clip, Goleman provides a definition of Emotional Intelligence.

Source:  Daniel Goleman

Categories:  Emotional Intelligence

Emotion in Education: An Interview With Maurice Elias

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Summary:  This video emphasizes the importance of Social Emotional Learning in education.

Source:  Maurice J. Elias

Categories:  SEL Basics

Selling SEL: An Interview With Daniel Goleman

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Summary:  The author of Emotional Intelligence speaks on the value of social and emotional learning.

Source:  Daniel Goleman

Categories:  SEL Basics,  Emotional Intelligence