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Right Wrong

Ethics Are Part of Being ‘College- and Career-Ready’

Summary:  Teaching right and wrong has been mainly the role of family and religion.  Why is it an arena schools should be stepping into? And how?  Ethics are less about what one believes and more about the actions taken from the point where belief, thought and circumstance meet. Acting ethically means being moved to choices based upon a set of moral values. Does the teaching of morals have a place in schools? We [Berkowicz and Meyers] think yes…

Source:  Jill Berkowitz and Ann Meyers, Education Week, July 17, 2016

Categories: Ethics, Character Education, Core Values



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Ethics Education: A National Imperative

Summary:  This article by James Wagner, outgoing president of Emory University, supports a call for ethics education in K-12 grades.  The article provides benefits of including ethics education in the curriculum as well as challenges in implementing such a program.  Wagner writes from the perspective of his role as Vice Chair of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.

Source:  James Wagner, Education Week Commentary, July 14, 2016

Categories: Core Values, Performance Values, Ethics