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The Science of Keeping Kids Engaged—Even From Home

Summary:  This article talks about student engagement in online learning and the importance of the science of motivation.  The authors focus on creating a sense of belonging, connecting work to purpose and relevance, and hard work, failure, and mindset.

Source:  Ian Kelleher and Chris Hulleman, Edutopia, August 21, 2020



Letting Students Write on Subjects They Love Fuels Learning

Summary:  This article supports the idea that when students are interested and invested in a subject that they are writing about they are more likely to develop their writing skills.  The author also believes that students then take these writing skills and successfully apply them to other writing tasks.

Source:  Lauren Barack, Education DIVE, January 22, 2020



Understanding a Teacher’s Long-Term Impact

Summary:  This article reports on research that shows teachers who help students develop non-cognitive skills like motivation, adaptability, and self-regulation have a greater long-term effect on their students than do those who focus on raising standardized test scores.

Source:  Youki  Terada, Edutopia, February 4, 2019



What’s Missing When We Talk About Grit

Summary: This article explores the importance of relationships and connections when talking about the positive effects of grit. These connections serve as a foundation which encourages students to make the effort to succeed

Source: Luke Reynolds, Education Week, October 23, 2018

Categories: Grit, Performance Values, Relationships, Motivation, Core Values



Letting Students Fail Can Build Resilient, Confident Learners

Summary: The value of failure is discussed in this article. Rebounding from failure builds resilience and has other benefits as well, such as having students learn from their mistakes.

Source: Lauren Barack, Education DIVE, September 12, 2108

Categories: Mindset, Motivation, SEL Basics, Grit, Performance Values



How Ending Behavior Rewards Helped One School Focus on Student Motivation and Character

Summary:  This article focuses on the topic of extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation.  Several schools are used as examples where the rewards system was changed to an intrinsic system and the resulting benefits that this provided to the schools in terms of character education.

Source:  Linda Flanagan, KQED News, August 29, 2017

Categories:  Character Education, Motivation, Core Values, School Culture/Climate



School Culture and Relationships Thrive with a 5:1 Positivity Ratio

Summary:  This article suggests that the use of positive reinforcement is a significant factor in building positive relationships and a positive school culture.  The ratio of 5:1 positive to negative feedback is seen as a benchmark for building high performing teams.

Source: Mary Ryerse, Education Week, January 23, 2017

Categories:  Student Engagement, Positive Relationships, Mindset, Motivation