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NBC Education Nation Parent Toolkit (In Spanish)

Summary:  Esta guía lo ayudará a orientarse con el camino académico de su hijo desde pre-kinder hasta la escuela secundaria. Está diseñado para ayudarlo a hacer un seguimiento del progreso en cada etapa y apoyarlo.

Source:  NBC News Education Nation Website

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Educar con inteligencia emocional/ Emotionally Intelligent Parenting (Spanish Edition)

Summary:  This is a link to the Spanish version of “Emotionally Intelligent Parenting,” a resource by Maurice Elias, Steven Tobias, and Brian Friedlander (Translated by Patricia Anton).  This is available as a Kindle version only.

Source:  Amazon Kindle Version.

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SEL, Character, Culture & Climate for Student Success

Summary:  This article, “The Essential Convergence of Social-Emotional Learning, Character, and School Culture and Climate for our Students’ Success”, published in Spanish in the Colombian Journal TIPICA (Volume 11, No. 01) speaks to the importance of social-emotional learning and a positive school climate working together to help to ensure student success.

Source: Maurice J. Elias and Danielle P. Ryan, Rutgers University

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