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The Synergy of Arts Education and Social-Emotional Learning

Summary:  This Smart Brief from Arts Ed NJ and the SECD Lab at Rutgers shows how the visual and performing arts (VPA) can help students build social-emotional competencies.  Teaching in the arts can help to address trauma and inequity and provide students with an outlet for expression and a way to address societal issues.  The framework described in this Smart Brief shows how SEL can be integrated in standards for the visual and performing arts.

Source:  Arts Ed NJ and the Rutgers SECD Lab, Smart Brief, Fall 2020



CASEL Releases New Definition of SEL: What You Need to Know

Summary:  This article presents an overview of the changes that CASEL has made to their definition of SEL as well as changes to the CASEL “Wheel”.   The author looks at and explains the changes to the definition and how the wheel now represents a better view of how classrooms, schools, families and caregivers, and communities support social-emotional learning for both adults and students.

Source:  Nick Woolf, Panorama Education, October 19, 2020




Navigating Social and Emotional Learning from the Inside Out

Summary:  This report looks at 25 top SEL programs to identify and summarize key features and attributes of programming for elementary-age children, addressing the need for detailed information about SEL curricula and implementation to help schools and OST providers make informed decisions.

Source:  Stephanie Jones et al, Harvard Graduate School of Education, May 2, 2017



Schools Should Teach (and Measure) ‘Soft Skills,’ Parents and Educators Agree

Summary: This article reports on a Gallup poll sponsored NWEA on public perceptions of educational assessment. A total of about 2,000 superintendents and principals responded to online surveys in March. The results showed that the general perception was that assessments did not measure these soft skills very well.

Source: Evie Blad, Education Week, August 21. 2018

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No State Will Measure Social-Emotional Learning Under ESSA. Will That Slow Its Momentum?

Summary:  In a review of state ESSA plans, no state has included measures of Social-Emotional Learning as an indicator.  The article suggests that measures of SEL are not sufficiently developed to be used across all schools. Roger Weissberg of CASEL, said “a group of 20 states that are cooperating to explore social-emotional-learning plans largely favor allowing districts to select and design their own measures to ensure they fit into their strategies.”

Source:  Evie Blad, Education Week, October 4, 2017

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Opt for Dignity: Teach Children to Value Themselves and Others

Summary:  This article contains a podcast where Tim Shriver, chair of CASEL and of the Special Olympics,  shares information about his life and about the importance of Social-Emotional Learning.

Source:  Tom VanderArk, Education Week, September 27, 2017

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Measuring Social-Emotional Skills: Designs Show Current State of Assessment

Summary:  This article reports on the results of CASEL’s design challenge for measuring social-emotional skills.  Methods ranged from puzzle-solving, to organizational skills, to reactions of high school students to videos.  CASEL’s work groups has determined that more work is needed to create measurement systems that would be able to be implemented on a large-scale basis.

Source:  Linda Jacobson, Education DIVE, September 27, 2017

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The Evidence Base for Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional, and Academic Development

Summary:  This link to the Aspen Institute provides insights and materials which provide evidence for the importance of Social-Emotional Learning in how students learn.  There are links to a streamed recording of the research symposium as well as a link to the research brief produced by the Aspen Institute.

Source: Jacqueline Jodl, Director, National Commission on Social, Emotional and Academic Development, The Aspen Institute, September 15, 2017

Categories:  SEL Basics, SEL Research, Student Achievement, Character Education



Panelists: It’s Time to Re-think the Approach to Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Summary:  This article reports on a panel discussion about the expanding evidence base regarding the value and interconnectedness of social, emotional and academic development during an event hosted by the Aspen Institute.

Source: Pat Donochie, Education DIVE, September 14, 2017

Categories:  SEL Basics, SEL Research, Classroom Practice



Scientists to Schools: Social, Emotional Development Crucial for Learning

Summary:  This article reports on a research brief – the product of a year of work by 28 academic researchers who study issues like student motivation, school climate, and social-emotional learning. The panel, known as the council of distinguished scientists, was organized by the Aspen Institute’s National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development, which has set out to bring together educators, scientists, policy makers, and philanthropists to clarify a vision for social-emotional learning in schools.-

Source: Evie Blad, Education Week, September 13, 2017

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