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Schools Nationwide Are Working To Overcome Bias In Education

Summary:  This article talks about efforts to overcome bias in education especially in response to civil unrest in places like Ferguson, MO.  The article mentions a yearlong series on the subject by Education Week that recently launched.

Source: Joseph Erbentraut, Senior Editor, What’s Working, The Huffington Post, September 23, 2015

Categories:  Student Activism, Student Behavior, Appreciation of Diversity



Education Activism Begins With Teachers

Summary:  This article explores reasons why bright college students interested in social activism often shy away from the teaching profession.  The author, a graduate student in education, speaks to the importance of attracting bright and talented people to the teaching profession.

Source:  by Margaret Healy, Education Week Online, August 20, 2014

Categories:  Classroom Practice, Social Activism, Teacher Leadership