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Educators Get Creative To Serve Students With Disabilities

Summary:  This article talks about the difficulties associated with providing appropriate services to special needs students while engaged in distance learning.  Several examples are given where teachers offer some solutions to this problem.

Source:  Elissa Nadworney, NPR, April 15, 2020



Guidance for Special Education Services in Considering the Risk of COVID-19

Summary:  This is a fact sheet distributed by the US Department of Education providing guidance to schools and districts in planning for and implementing online learning for special needs students.  While there are specific challenges in meeting the educational needs of these students in an online environment, the USDOE supports the notion that schools can provide online instruction to these students.

Source:  Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, USDOE, March 21. 2020



How to Improve Emotional Self-Regulation Among Children with Autism and Attention Disorders

Summary:  This article is drawn from the work of Dr Adel Najdowski of Pepperdine University and addresses the need to address executive function in children with special needs.  It provides a lesson plan on how to teach emotional self-regulation.

Source:  Psychology@Pepperdine, the online Master’s in Applied Behavioral Analysis program from Pepperdine University, December 3, 2018



“Our Students’ Relationships Start With Our Own”: A Special Educator’s Open Letter to Teachers

Summary:  This is an open letter from a special education teacher to her teacher colleagues which makes a number of points about differences and similarities between special education teachers and general education teachers.  One of the main points is that positive relationships between teachers leads the way to positive relationship between students.

Source:  Sasha Long, Education Week, October 11. 2017

Categories:  Positive Relationships, Special Education, Educational Equity, Empathy




Bullying and Students With Disabilities: A Resource Guide

Summary:  This is a resource guide with links to a number of resources on topics connected with bullying and special education.  These topics include defining bullying, bullying and autism, bullying statistics, and other information.  These topics can be accessed through the full article below.

Source:  Christina Samuels, Education Week, January 9, 2017

Categories:  Anti-bullying, Special Education, School Health, SEL Basics



Supreme Court Building

Supreme Court Could Decide Proper Level of Special Ed Services

Summary: This article reports on an upcoming Supreme Court case, Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District, where the court will be asked to decide on what degree of services a district should provide to a special needs student.

Source: Tara Garcia Mathewson, Education Dive, September 30, 2016

Categories:  Special Education, Education Equity, School Law




For Special Needs Students, Focus on SEL Is Critical

Summary: This article support the idea that social emotional learning is key to student academic success and this is especially true for special needs students.  One of the points made in this article is that a whole-school focus on social emotional learning benefits every student include those students with special needs.

Source:  Autumn A. Arnett, Education DIVE, October 1, 2016

Categories:  SEL Basics, Special Education