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Report: More States See Need for Adult SEL Initiatives

Summary:  This article reports on a new white paper from the National Association of State Boards of Education advocating initiatives focusing on SEL skills for adults.  this article also cites the recent Aspen Institute study which says that students learn better when their teachers and other influential adults model good SEL skills.

Source:  Amelia Harper, Education DIVE, January 28, 2019



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Some Top U.S. Educators Went to Finland. Their Big Takeaway: Empower Teachers

Summary: This article reports on a visit to Finland by several US State Teachers of the Year and their reaction to what they have learned about the Finnish system of education.  They found the main differences between Finland and the US teacher empowerment and respect for the teaching profession.

Source: Madeline Will, Education Week, August 4, 2017

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How Should Administrators Empower Teacher Collaboration?

Summary: This article supports the notion of distributed leadership and teacher empowerment, using the model of Professional Learning Communities as an example for ways to honor teacher voice.

Source:  Shalina Chatlani. Education DIVE, July 6. 2017

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A New Report Reveals How School PLCs Have a Major Impact When Used Correctly

Summary:  When professional learning communities (PLCs) meet frequently to examine and analyze student work and data, higher levels of teacher morale emerge, according to a new report from the Learning Sciences International (LSI) research team.

Source:  Laura Devaney. eSchool News, October 24, 2016

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How Maryland is Putting the ‘PLAY’ Back into Professional Development

Summary:  This article talks about a program called “P.L.A.Y.” (People Learning and Asking Why) which gives teachers the time to explore learning opportunities while personalizing professional development.  This program was devised by an employee of the Maryland State Department of Education named Angie de Guzman who saw an opportunity to make a specific, personalized professional development opportunity available to Maryland’s educators.

Source:  Emmanuel Andre, EdSurge, Dec 3, 2015

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Teacher Voice: Myth? Or Long Overdue?

Summary:  This article is co-authored by Lisa Lande, Ed.D and Russell Quaglia, Ed.D. of the Teacher Voice and Aspiration International Center.  The article talks about the importance of teacher voice and engagement in the workings of the school.  The authors identify three guiding principles which help to encourage and foster teacher voice and they are Self-Worth, Engagement, and Purpose.

Source:  Peter DeWitt, Education Week, June 16, 2015

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5 Reasons Leaders Need to Encourage Teacher Voice

Summary:  This blog speaks about the importance of recognizing and honoring teacher voice in decisions about teaching and learning in our schools.  There is much written about the importance of student voice, but it is equally important to encourage teacher voice if student voice is to also be heard.

Source: Peter DeWitt. Education Week, October 5. 2014

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