Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools
Earn a certificate in social-emotional learning and character development with
a concentration in either school leadership or classroom instruction.

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Certificate in SEL Instruction

This 10-week course provides a theoretical and research-based foundation for educators who will provide direct instruction of the social-emotional and character development (SECD) competencies in a classroom, small group or after-school setting.

This 10-week course focuses on the actual methods and applications of best practices for those providing direct instruction of the social-emotional and character development (SECD) competencies in a classroom, small group or after-school setting.

This 15-week practicum is the third course in the program and is to be completed during one school year. It focuses on the supervised implementation of a Social-Emotional and Character Development (SECD) program in a classroom, small group or after-school setting.

Offered through

Certificate in SEL Leadership

This 5-week foundational course explores the theories, research, and key dimensions of social-emotional learning (SEL), and school culture and climate, and the role they play in shaping children’s emotional development, academic success, and future life and career choices.

This 12-week course develops unique leadership qualities and practices in educators and administrators by guiding them through the process of creating efficient strategies, networks and systems for leading sustainable school-wide SEL and school culture/climate initiatives.

This 16-week, project-oriented practicum course provides participants with a supportive, structured environment to plan, develop and execute an individualized strategic plan for implementing a school-wide social-emotional learning and school culture and climate initiative.
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New Jersey Culture and Climate Coalition

School Culture is the sum total of the behaviors and interactions of all adults and children, their attitude and norms.

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    As the school year progress, stress in students is on the rise. In North Carolina, a program is offering rapid resets to help teachers and students calm their minds to maximize their learning process. Check out this @edutopia article by Laura Lee below

    Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools is hosting a live, virtual kick-off event tonight at 7 PM showcasing new tutorials, activities, and special offerings for educators, parents, and coaches of students K-12. Click on the link below to register–qyp66KdqMk-qP2F0ppkaGXgEBuvmVtRs8jnhhpDnsHcfB_XK1XDKgensEGJK8R4E99QtilIcG6302A70R-3W-Yca-ikSTmu1-fKz4tGUeAn8zWFA&utm_content=97314209&utm_source=hs_email

    We’re thrilled to bring back our SEL-based lesson plans for empowering student leaders. The lessons are organized as 15 minute activities and will provide students with essential SEL skills and virtues for leadership. Find the lesson plans on our website: