How the College Board changed its standardized testing approach

Summary:  In this article, College Board President and CEO David Coleman admits that the current standardized testing model is broken and he cites four rules for assessments that advance opportunity for students taking the test.

Source:  Roger Riddell, Education DIVE, September 22, 2015

Categories:  Standardized Testing, Student Achievement


From the frequency of its use to the high stakes attached to it, standardized testing is among the biggest hot-button topics in education today. The number of educators and families disputing its necessity has only risen over the years, with the last few years seeing a spike in the number of students opting out of participating in their states’ annual tests.  It may come as some surprise that one of the first people who will admit that the current testing model is broken is also at the helm of the company that produces some of the biggest tests in K-12 and higher ed, the Advanced Placement and SAT exams. But according to College Board President and CEO David Coleman, “Assessment without opportunity is dead. We don’t need more tests. We need more opportunities.”

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