Brain-Based Learning

Study of Brain Waves Could Answer How Learning Occurs

Summary: This article reports on an experimental study done by Washington State University which studies how children respond in terms of eye movements, pulse, and brain waves as they are taught in a classroom environment.  This research seeks to identify the link between teaching and learning and using an experimental research design, determine how students engage in learning from a cognitive and emotional perspective.

Source:  Alison DeNisco, District Administration, May 2016

Categories: Brain Based Learning. Educational Research


In what appears to be an average classroom, students from Pullman School District 267 in Washington wear devices that measure their pulse, eye movements and brain waves as a teacher gives a lesson. The classroom is part of the Neurocognitive Science Lab at Washington State University, which opened this year. The lab, funded by the National Science Foundation, is the first in the nation to monitor academic, behavioral, social, emotional and neurological data during class sessions to study how learning takes place.

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