John Hattie

Dr. John Hattie: Assessment Should Measure Teachers’ Impact

Summary:  This is an interview with Dr. John Hattie, educational researcher from New Zealand, who speaks with Education DIVE about assessment practices and the possible use of assessments to help teachers understand how students learn.

Source:  Roger Riddell, Education DIVE, July 21, 2016

Categories: Student Achievement, Standardized Testing,


Measurement statistician Dr. John Hattie has spent his entire career in academia, beginning at the elementary and high school levels in his home country of New Zealand before traveling to Toronto for his Ph.D. and settling down for a while in North Carolina. Since 2011, he’s served as a professor of education and director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne, Australia — and his research has shaped an educational mindset focused much more on progress and teacher expertise than on achievement as it’s currently defined in the U.S.

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