What Makes a Good School Principal?

Summary:  This article explores the role of principal as the educational leader of a school and the traits that help that principal create a positive culture and climate in the school.  Some of these traits are supporting a learning climate of continuous improvement for students and adults alike, a belief in doing what is best for student learning, practicing shared leadership and empowering teachers and students with a voice in the school, and building strong and caring relationships, among others.

Source:  Autumn A. Arnett, Education DIVE, October 17, 2016

Categories:  Educational Leadership. School Culture and Climate, SEL Basics, Professional Development


When education insiders pick apart the factors that make a school successful, there’s often a lot of conversation about academic rigor, resources, quality of teachers and even, in some cases, the socioeconomic makeup of the students within the school.  But the success of a school is as dependent on the principal as any other single determining factor one could list. If there’s a great emphasis on continuous learning environments for students, it stands to reason that equally important is the professional development and continued education of the adults in the school, too.

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