School Culture and Relationships Thrive with a 5:1 Positivity Ratio

Summary:  This article suggests that the use of positive reinforcement is a significant factor in building positive relationships and a positive school culture.  The ratio of 5:1 positive to negative feedback is seen as a benchmark for building high performing teams.

Source: Mary Ryerse, Education Week, January 23, 2017

Categories:  Student Engagement, Positive Relationships, Mindset, Motivation


One of the most important components of a relationship is how feedback is provided. Intuitively, we know that feedback can neither be all positive (which could be perceived as fluffy) nor all negative (or if you prefer, constructive). Both are important. The core question then becomes: what is the optimal mix of the two? A study conducted by University of Michigan and shared via Harvard Business Review sheds some light on the topic.

Their conclusion on the optimal mix? A 5:1 ratio of positive to negative feedback.

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