The Surprising Grief of Teacher Leadership

Summary:  These are reflections of a veteran teacher who has left the classroom to be a teacher-leader.  She makes some suggestions as to how to remain connected to teaching and learning and to students in particular.

Source:  Rebecca Mieliwocki, Education Week, June 7, 2017

Categories:  SEL Basics, Teacher Leadership, Teacher Satisfaction, Positive Relationships


“As my second year out of the classroom comes to a close, I want to admit to myself and others that the grief of being away is real, it’s powerful, and it’s painful. There are many good days, great days even. There are victories with teachers and administrators that are true and real. I know I am making a difference in a classroom that has a different scope and reach. But it’s different, and that takes some getting used to. Here are some things teacher leaders can do to help themselves…”

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