Improve Your Coaching With One Move: Stop Talking

Summary:  This article describes “transformational coaching”, a model that encourages the teachers being coached to reflect on their teaching practice in order to make decisions on their own that further the learning and success of all children.

Source:  Elena Aguilar, Education Week, July 20, 2017

Categories:  Professional Development, Classroom Practice, Teacher Training, Teacher Collaboration


Ideally, coach-talk should account for somewhere between 10 percent to 33 percent of a conversation. The ability to do this emerges from a deep understanding and belief that your role as a coach is not to fill someone else’s head with ideas, advice, or direction. Your role is to facilitate reflection….the coachee needs to refine their reflective capacities. They must be independent thinkers. They must learn how to solve problems on their own. They must learn to see their own areas for growth, and to identify ways to move through those.

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