What a Photograph of a Tree Can Teach Leaders About Change

Summary:  This article uses a tree metaphor to address the change process in education.  Change is almost always a difficult proposition that is often associated with loss.  The  authors show that when leaders are sensitive to various factions affected by the potential change, they can address those concerns and alleviate some of the fear and hesitation that goes along with any change process.

Source:  Jill Berkowitz and Ann Myers, Education Week, August 1, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, School Culture/Climate, SEL Basics


“When care taken in the effort to change allows for inclusion of those who are fearful and hesitant, when leaders help everyone understand that fear and hesitation are different form opposition, and when a leader is strong enough to persist with the change momentum and hold the patience allowing all to come along, when everyone feels heard, the children will benefit. Leaders do need to attend the adults in schools but students need every adult they encounter daily to focus entirely on them, to make them the center of attention.”

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