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Some Top U.S. Educators Went to Finland. Their Big Takeaway: Empower Teachers

Summary: This article reports on a visit to Finland by several US State Teachers of the Year and their reaction to what they have learned about the Finnish system of education.  They found the main differences between Finland and the US teacher empowerment and respect for the teaching profession.

Source: Madeline Will, Education Week, August 4, 2017

Categories:  Teacher Satisfaction, Teacher Voice, Student Achievement


What do you learn when you take some of the United States’ best teachers to a country that reportedly has one of the best education systems in the world?   Five state teachers of the year—representing Montana, Indiana, Nebraska, Colorado, and the Department of Defense Education Activity school system—spent three full days in Finland last month, where they visited the University of Helsinki and the Finnish National Board of Education. They attended several workshops and panel discussions on developments in the Finnish education system, including phenomenon-based learning, which prioritizes interdisciplinary, student-centered projects. 

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