Student Achievement Depends Upon Faculty Relationships and Trusted Leaders

Summary:  This article points out the importance of relationships and trust as a necessary attribute for school leaders.  Drawing on an article by Steven Covey, the writers emphasize the importance of trust for leaders to be effective.

Source: Jill Berkowitz and Ann Myers, Education Week, August 20, 2017

Categories:  Leadership Qualities, Positive Relationships, Core Values, School Culture/Climate


“Most educational leaders know the research by now. Leadership does make a difference in the success students have in schools. There are meta- analyses that have investigated that. Most educational leaders also know the research about trust in schools and how that makes a difference for students. Leaders may know what to do and how to make change happen but progress comes more quickly and develops roots that are stronger when leaders are trusted and followers are energized by that trust. Trust can be difficult to gain and it is easy to lose.”

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