Empathy Instilled Through Fictional Literature Can Curb Bullying

Summary:  This article supports the idea that fictional literature can help students understand relationships and help to curb bullying.  “When students read works of fiction that reflect the diversity they will encounter in their daily lives, they are less likely to bully those who are different from them”, author Michael Dahl writes for eSchool News.

Source:  Linda Jacobsen, Education DIVE, October 11, 2017

Categories:  Empathy, Anti-Bullying, Classroom Practice, Emotional Intelligence


“Educators often say that literature should provide students a window into other people‚Äôs lives, but also a mirror that reflects what they are feeling and experiencing. While nonfiction can certainly describe the challenges a certain group of people might face, fiction can allow readers to feel as if they were part of the story as it unfolds and to ask themselves what they would do in the same situation.”

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