Rutgers Launches New Social Justice Prep Program for Future Educators

Summary:  This article reports on a new program offered by the Rutgers Graduate School of Education to help prepare aspiring teachers to to teach diverse groups of students.  Another aspect of this work is to encourage and enable teaches to use culturally responsive materials and resources in the classroom.

Source:  Pat Donachie, Education DIVE, October 25, 2017

Categories:  Social Justice, SEL Teacher Training, Professional Development, Restorative Practices, Educational Equity


“The newly-launched Urban Social Justice Teacher Preparation Program located at the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education is hoping to better prepare future educators to teach diverse groups of students. The school has instigated partnerships with a number of local New Jersey school districts to help offer professional development for educators in those districts, as well as offer students at the graduate school in-the-classroom experience.”

Read the full article here!

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