A Proactive Approach to Discipline

Summary: This article explores alternative approaches to discipline. These include Restorative Practices as well as well as supportive and responsive discipline. These are positive approaches to discipline where expected behavior is modeled and students have a say in the norms and rules that govern classroom behavior.

Source: Marieke van Woerkom, Edutopia, October 26, 2018

Categories: Restorative Practices, Student Behavior, Codes of Conduct, Classroom Strategies, SEL Basics

Description: “Educators who’ve had success with restorative practices find them to be much more than an alternative to suspension. Restorative practices encourage us to engage with our students not only when there’s an incident but throughout the school day. They’re part of a system of discipline that takes us back to the root of that word, the Latin disciplina, meaning instruction and knowledge. They draw on what we as teachers do naturally—teach. Restorative discipline, then, is proactive and supportive as much as it is responsive. It aims to create conditions in which issues are less likely to arise, and in which, when they do arise, we have the connections and skills needed to handle them and restore the community as needed.”

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