Civics Is Social and Emotional

Summary: this article reports on a project called “Generation Citizen” which teaches civics through action projects where students pick issues that are important to them and then take action to address the problem at a political level.

Source: Molly McKay Bryson and Scott Warren, Education Week, October 15, 2018

Categories: SEL Basics, Service Learning, Student Engagement, Student-Centered Learning, Student Voice

Description: “Emphasis on active participation in the political system can lead us to traditional academic outcomes, like understanding the systems and players in existing political structures, but it also pushes toward more meaningful and lasting learning. Action Civics allows young people to authentically apply what they’re learning, reflect on that process, and revise action after analyzing their results against their goal. Not only does this type of experiential learning provide opportunities for more rigorous academic learning, but it also opens the door to building social and emotional skills.”

Read the full article here!

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