Cultivating a Strong Staff Culture

Summary:This article talks about building staff culture along three spaces – the physical, the interpersonal, and the historical. By attending to these spaces, school leaders can nourish organizational harmony that can keep teachers and staff engaged for the long haul.

Source:Eric Saibel, Edutopia, November 6, 2018

Categories: School Culture and Climate, Teacher Engagement, Teacher Collaboration, Teacher Satisfaction, SEL Basics

Description: “A school can have all the best structures in place – flexible bell schedules with built-in collaboration time, interdisciplinary programs, standards-based rubrics, and feedback models – but without a sense of unity and trust among teachers, staff and leaders will struggle to bring to fruition the best ideas and scale them across the entire school or district. When a leader doesn’t invest time and energy in cultivating genuine relationships and trust, they’ll find that their good ideas fall on deaf ears.”

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