How to Teach Social-Emotional Skills Through Performing Arts

Summary:This is an interview with Paul Griffin of the Possibility Project in New York CIty which is an after school program designed to teach social-emotional skills through the performing arts.

Source:Dan Gilbert and Paul Griffin, Education Week, October 25, 2018

Categories: SEL Basics, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Performance Values, Student Engagement, Student-Centered Learning

Description: “The biggest challenge with social and emotional learning in any setting is the fact that it is not linear—if we do x, then y will happen—and its impact is not predictable over time—if we do x, y will happen by or at this time. A young person in the Possibility Project will “get it” when they get it. We have to trust the process and trust our youth to gain the benefits of the program. Our ability and willingness to trust comes from the experience of succeeding with youth over time.”

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