Integrating Social and Emotional Learning Should Be Standard Practice

Summary:This article points to the importance of professional development in helping teachers implement SEL in their classrooms. The article cites three important points – addressing SEL as part of a coherent learning plan, engaging adults in SEL, using a continuous improvement approach in setting goals and monitoring progress.

Source:Stephanie Hirsch, Education Week, October 16, 2018

Categories: SEL Basics, Professional Development, Teacher Engagement, Teacher Training, Teacher Collaboration

Description: “As more practitioners and researchers recognize the importance of addressing students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools, we can’t leave to chance the professional learning needed to make these efforts effective. Far too often, the professional learning linked to essential emerging topics is a distant afterthought in many educators’ contexts. We should also recognize that social and emotional competencies are embedded in the principles of high-quality professional learning.”

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