Letting Students Fail Can Build Resilient, Confident Learners

Summary: The value of failure is discussed in this article. Rebounding from failure builds resilience and has other benefits as well, such as having students learn from their mistakes.

Source: Lauren Barack, Education DIVE, September 12, 2108

Categories: Mindset, Motivation, SEL Basics, Grit, Performance Values

Description: “Failure can do more than build resilience — it can also help students develop a sense of trust, wrote researchers in a 2016 study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. The authors exposed students to a rigged game where they were told to locate something. All students were given helpful clues. But researchers found that the students who failed actually developed a better sense later of who they could trust for valuable information and who they could not. The students who succeeded constantly were not open to help and therefore could not get a sense of someone who was helpful or not.”

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