Survey: One-third of Students Report Being Bullied

Summary: “A third of students reported that they experienced bullying during the 2017-18 school year — up from a fourth in previous school years, according to survey results released today by YouthTruth Student Survey, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization.”

Source:Linda Jacobson, Education DIVE, September 24, 2018

Categories: Anti-Bullying, Relationships, School Culture and Climate, SEL Basics, Student Behavior

Description: “In schools where students of color represent the majority, more than three-fourths of both groups say they think the way they look is the primary reason why they are bullied. There were small differences between white students’ responses and those from students of color regarding other possible factors. White students were more likely to list where they’re from and sexual orientation as reasons for being bullied, while students of color were more likely to say family income, disability and religion were the reasons.”

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