All SEL Should Be Trauma-Informed

Summary:  This article makes the case that all students could be the subject of traumatic events and the SEL programs should take this into consideration.  The authors suggest three key areas to consider when building SEL programs to address the needs of all students, including those experiencing trauma.

Source:  Erica Pawlo, Ava Lorenzo, Brian Eichert, and Maurice J. Elias, Phi Delta Kappan, October 28, 2019

Description:  “We call upon educators to think of all SEL as taking place in a potentially powerful emotional context. That is, every SEL program or activity should anticipate the need to provide intensive  supports to learners and to address particularly acute and chronic challenges (such as parental incarceration or hospitalization, military deployment, or threatened deportation), if that’s what the situation demands. Below, we describe what this might entail in three key areas — creating a positive school climate, focusing on emotions, and planning for implementation. ”

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