As Teen Stress Increases, Teachers Look for Answers

Summary:  This article identifies stress and anxiety as a major teen problem.  The percentage of students feeling the pressure of stress, anxiety, and even depression is increasing at an alarming rate.  This article provides some suggestions for teachers wishing to help students cope.

Source:  Andrew Simmons, Edutopia, November 20, 2019

Description:  “The academic pressures and stress faced by teens today start long before high school and seem to escalate every year. The pressure comes from parents and educators who worry—and make teenagers worry—that they won’t get accepted into highly ranked universities with increasingly prohibitive tuitions or be prepared for a competitive job market once they graduate.

Rising academic pressure could be contributing to student stress, say psychologists. Short on sleep, students reared in the testing-heavy wake of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) enlist SAT tutors, fill schedules with activities and service projects, and take as many honors and AP classes as possible to boost their GPAs. Even with these overloaded schedules, students have no guarantee of getting into colleges—even state institutions—where admission rates keep dropping.”

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