Guidelines for Improving School Culture and Climate and Increasing Staff Understanding of and Buy-In for SEL/SECD

Summary:  This is a revision and expansion on an article that previously appeared in Edutopia.  The article suggests ways to engage staff starting with “Strategic Informal SECD Discussions” to help build courage and commitment to the SECD effort.  Strategies are suggested for building on these discussions and starting points for doing this work are identified.  Resources are provided from a number of different sources to help build motivation for this work with your colleagues.

Source:  Maurice Elias, Rutgers SECD Lab, March 2020

Description: “The engagement of staff in building a positive school and classroom culture and climate and promoting SECD is a developmental process. It requires breaking through an understandable resistance or avoidance of yet another new initiative and additional responsibilities. If SECD is seen at “another task,” then understanding is not present and any buy-in that is proclaimed will be illusory. SECD must be seen as the vehicle for school success. It will make the language arts class, the arts classes, PE, science, lunchroom, bus rides, hallway passage, and sports teams and clubs work more inclusively, supportively, and effectively. Instruction in social-emotional skills will be understood as direct contributors to reduced bullying, less classroom conflict, and improved academic performance.”

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