Here’s Why Raising ‘Good’ Kids is Just Good Enough…

Summary:  This article from NBC’s Parent Toolkit, suggests ways to raise socially responsible kids.  These include acts of helpfulness and kindness as well as good problem-solving skills.  A final suggestion is that parents need need to model these traits for their children.

Source:  Maurice Elias, NBC Parent Toolkit, April 2, 2019

Description:  “It’s no secret: we all want to raise the type of children that make other parents marvel. You know what we’re saying… kids who do their own laundry, get all their homework done before dinner and know exactly how to properly respect theirelders, without ever being nagged. Most days, this can feel closer to a dream than a reality. But what if instead of trying to change our children, we rethought our mindset and focused on something better than having perfect kids: raising good people?”

Download the article here!

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