Here’s Why This Principal Started a School Turnaround with SEL

Summary:  This article talks about how a principal started a turnaround initiative at his school and realized that the academic issues were not the only issues of importance in making improvements in the school.  Building relationships and developing other Social-Emotional skills helped that improvement effort.  The integrations of SEL skills permeated not only the school but also the community.

Source:  Belinda Vasquez, eSchool News, February 7, 2020  

Description:  “I [Vasquez] found that many of our students didn’t feel a part of something big. They needed a foundation of confidence in themselves and in their school as a community, and they needed to understand why teachers were trying to build relationships with them.  On the other hand, my teachers told me that, as a result of high principal turnover, there had been a lack of consistency, leading to distrust of the administration. My immediate promise to them was: ‘I’m in this with you. Trust me.'”

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