How Arts Teachers Are Strengthening Students’ Social-Emotional Muscles

Summary:  This article talks about a new study that shows that arts experiences for students present prime opportunities to help students develop their social-emotional skills.  When arts teachers intentionally design experiences in music, art, drama, and dance, they can build in ways to address SEL competencies.

Source:  Catherine Gewertz, Ed Week, June 27, 2019

Description:  “The authors of the new study, by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research and Ingenuity, argue that if teachers recognize the hidden social-emotional potential in arts instruction—or any instruction—they can unlock powerful learning by carefully planning that instruction to support and develop those skills. Instead of just teaching music theory and piano technique to an anxious student, for instance, a teacher could work deliberately to incorporate breathing and mindfulness practices, and discussion of strategies for managing anxiety, the report says. Deliberately attending to social-emotional skills like those helps build broader competencies such as emotional self-regulation, responsibility, and confidence expressing complex ideas linked to personal thoughts and feelings, according to the report.”

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