Human Interaction, SEL in Curriculum Key to Curbing Cyberbullying

Summary:  This article focuses on the importance of teaching SEL skills that can be used in the online world just as they are used face-to-face.  Mandy Manning, 2018 National Teacher of the Year, is very interested in the role that social-emotional learning (SEL) plays in the ways students engage, whether they’re physically in front of each other or connecting online. It’s an area Manning calls digital civility.

Source:  Lauren Barack, Education DIVE, October 16, 2019

Description:  “To Manning, human engagement — whether that’s two students sitting at the same table in class or texting each other through their devices after school — is about making a connection with someone else. That’s why she believes bringing SEL skills like social awareness and self-management into the online space can help students learn to approach those interactions the way they would in person. She said it’s important for students to bring the same care to their online interactions, as these can impact the way they end up feeling at school or home.”

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