Mapping 21st-Century Skills to SEL Competencies

Summary: In this article, the author does a crosswalk between the SEL competencies and Twenty-first Century Skills.  He references the fact that these groups of skills in each of the frameworks were developed independently but are well-correlated.

Source:  David Ross, Getting Smart, February 15, 2019

Description:  “The P21 framework, first published in 2006, was the fruit of a business-driven coalition that wanted to create a concept map for schools and help them implement instructional practices that produced skilled workers. The term “social and emotional learning” was coined in 1994 at a meeting of the Fetzer Institute in response to chaotic programming that inundated schools with a wide variety of youth development programs. That meeting generated a coalition that produced the SEL framework, which had as one of its major goals the alignment and coordination of school programming.Despite different heritage, there is concurrence in the mission and vision statements from the organizations that drive these processes.”

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