Rigor and Joy: SEL and Academics Go Hand-in-Hand

Summary:  This article tells the story of how a rural school in Oregon employed the growth mindset to help students grow by linking SEL and Academics.  The school has a population where the majority of students are living in poverty and many are challenged with childhood trauma. The staff realized that they had to address both rigor and SEL in order to help students achieve.

Source: Kourtney Ferrua, eSchool News, June 18, 2019

Description:  “The greatest thing about growth mindset is that the concept applies to both academic and social arenas. Some of our most powerful stories involve students who have had experienced childhood trauma and struggle with both learning and behavior. Through growth mindset, they understand that they have the potential to grow new pathways in their brains and, with support, strive to take ownership over their own brain development by demonstrating new skills. It has been a cornerstone in implementation of trauma informed practices at our school.”

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