Schools Are Embracing Mindfulness, But Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect

Summary:  This article reports on schools’ effort to use mindfulness to help student cope and maximize their learning in school.  The authors give examples where schools have implemented mindfulness programs but they also warn about the importance of using quality approaches and provide examples of research on the effectiveness of these practices.

Source:  Anya Kamanetz, Meribah Knight, NPR, February 27, 2020

Description: “In schools, mindfulness has taken many forms, from intensive curricular programs, to professional development for teachers, to an occasional behavioral respite. Some for-profit companies advertise videos and audio tracks meant to be played to children for as little as five minutes a day; others market toys and gadgets. For example, at Warner, Rattner uses an expandable ball to demonstrate deep breathing and a liquid motion bubble timer filled with colorful oil to help students calm down.”

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