Student Suspensions Plummeted in this New Jersey School District. Here’s How They Did it.

Summary:  This article presents the story of how the Morris School District (Morristown, NJ) used a system of restorative justice to dramatically change their approach to discipline issues.  

Source:  Hannan Aderly, North Jersey Record, June 25, 2019

Description:  “The changes in the Morris district unfolded as schools across the state and nation are reckoning with a punitive environment that led to high numbers of suspensions, especially for black, Hispanic and special-needs students. Research shows that such punishments can have a lasting negative impact on a student’s life and are linked to lower academic achievement and higher dropout rates. Many schools are now embracing what’s called “restorative justice” — a practice that stresses empowering school communities to resolve conflicts, often in group sessions with students, and to take steps to deter future harm.”

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