Study Ties Pre-K Bullying to Childhood Depression

Summary:  This article reports on a research study of 198 2- and 3-year-old Canadian students, who were primarily white and middle-class, that finds preschool children who both bully and are themselves bullied are most likely to show signs of childhood depression, which can appear as early as age 3 and increases the risk of depression in later childhood and adolescence, according to the Hechinger Report.

Source:  Amelia Harper, Education DIVE, February 6, 2019

Description:  “The study, published in Early Childhood Research Quarterly, examined both physical aggression and emotional bullying tactics, such as withholding friendship, finding that while girls are no more likely than boys to show signs of depression at this age, they are more likely to engage in emotional bullying — likely because of stronger language skills.”

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