Teaching Is as Stressful as an ER. These Calming Strategies Can Help.

Summary:  Researchers from Penn State have found that teaching can be as stressful as working in an emergency room.  This article provides some calming strategies that can reduce the stress level and better enable teachers to handle difficult situations in the classroom.

Source:  Patricia A. Jennings, EdSurge, December 26, 2018

Description:  “Researchers from Penn State say [classroom teaching] can be as stress-inducing as an emergency room. Teachers enter such an an environment every day, which sometimes feels like life-or-death. The teaching profession doesn’t just begin and end during class time. It’s increasingly defined by unrealistic expectations; extensive meetings and other instructional demands; and difficult conversations with principals, administrators and parents. While we must address the contextual issues that overburden our educators, we must also take the steps to build their resilience.”

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