The Role of Emotion Co-Regulation in Discipline

Summary:  This article focuses on the importance of using SEL skills when dealing with behavioral problems – particularly for those students suffering from ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences).  The author underscores the importance that “Discipline ideally is not something we do to students—it should be a quality we want to develop within them.”

Source:  Lori Desautels, Edutopia, October 15, 2019

Description:  “For students with ACEs, traditional punishments can unintentionally retraumatize and reactivate their stress response systems. Recent research in school discipline is grounded in the neuroscience of attachment, which emphasizes the significance of relationships. Those relationships begin with an adult in a regulated, calm brain state. It takes a calm brain to calm another brain—this co-regulation is something that students with ACEs may have missed out on. Their school can be an environment where they feel safe and connected even when they make poor choices.”

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