Understanding a Teacher’s Long-Term Impact

Summary:  This article reports on research that shows teachers who help students develop non-cognitive skills like motivation, adaptability, and self-regulation have a greater long-term effect on their students than do those who focus on raising standardized test scores.

Source:  Youki  Terada, Edutopia, February 4, 2019

Description:  “Good teachers may affect students much more broadly than through their impact on achievement test scores,” explains the study’s author, C. Kirabo Jackson, an economics professor at Northwestern University. Looking at data on over 570,000 students in North Carolina, Jackson found that ninth-grade teachers who improved their students’ non-cognitive skills — which include motivation and the ability to adapt to new situations, as well as self-regulation — had important impacts on those students: They were more likely to have higher attendance and grades and to graduate than their peers. They were also less likely to be suspended and to be held back a grade. These benefits persisted throughout high school.

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