Understanding Trauma-Informed Education

Summary:  This article is written by a principal of an acclaimed Trauma-Informed school.  He describes what trauma-informed education is and what it isn’t.  He offers six misconceptions about trauma-informed education and the reality behind each of these misconceptions.

Source:  Mathew Portell, Edutopia, December 16, 2019

Description:  “ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) have made their way into the mainstream over the past couple of years…and because ACEs have a profound effect on children, the concept has been taken up in the world of education. Approaching education with an understanding of the physiological, social, emotional, and academic impacts of trauma and adversity on our students is driving changes in our systems.

However, these changes are not coming without misconceptions….As educators move toward understanding the impact of trauma, including ACEs, and how creating and maintaining positive relationships can serve as a buffer to the negative impacts of trauma, it’s vitally important to understand what trauma-informed education is and is not.”

Read the full article here!

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