What’s (Relational) Trust Have to Do with It?

Summary;  This article tells the story of how a new principal was able to improve the culture and climate of his high school.  The article offers seven steps to build “relational trust” and shift the culture of the school.

Source:  Joanie Eppinga, Chuck Salina, Suzann Girtz and David Martinez, Educational Leadership, March 2018

Description: “These seven efforts were the cornerstones of a culture shift that cultivated trust and reminded teachers why they went into education in the first place. Staff members felt free to concentrate on helping students learn and thrive academically, behaviorally, and socio-emotionally, which resulted in astonishing improvements in student achievement. There was a dramatic increase in the passing rate for high-stakes testing, in the number of students passing their classes, and in the graduation rate. A significant statistic cited by David Martinez is that if these new behaviors hadn’t been instituted and things had continued in the direction in which they had been going, 727 students would not have graduated over the last seven years. And all this was accomplished without an alternative education program as a safety net for students who struggled most; all the students attended the regular high school.”

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