Why Don’t Leaders Practice Empathy?

Summary:  “Empathy is an indispensable leadership skill and a driver that predicts high-performing teams and organizations, but there is a significant gap between how leaders assess their empathy skills and how their employees view them. Dr. Arthur Schwartz, Professor of Leadership Studies and Founding Director of the Oskin Leadership Institute at Widener University, offers five key reasons why leaders do not practice empathy consistently”

Source;  Arthur Schwartz, Character.org, July 12, 2019

Description:  “Empathy is the ability to experience and relate to the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of others. Similar to other workplace abilities, empathy is a muscle that leaders need to exercise on a regular basis,” says Schwartz, and “leader empathy is one of the drivers that predict ‘high-performing’ teams and organizations.  Yet research reveals a gnawing gap between managers who report ‘I show empathy’ and employees who disagree with their manager’s self-assessment.” CEOs are now recognizing “that too many managers and supervisors — including themselves — are empathy-deficient.”

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