10 Ways Parents Can Bring Social-Emotional Learning Home

Summary:  This article offers a series of tips that families can follow to help students keep developing their social-emotional learning.  The author who is founder and CEO of Move This World, acknowledges that social-emotional skills need consistent practice just like learning to dribble a basket ball.  Using this social-distancing time as an opportunity to develop and use social-emotional skills can be very valuable in reducing stress and anxiety while building for the future.

Source:  Sandra Potler LaHayne, EdSurge, April 2, 2020

Description:  “Most educators know that supporting students’ social and emotional wellness is critical to their overall success. We can’t expect students to process information when they’re distracted, hungry, tired or feel unsafe.  Now that parents and caregivers are overseeing learning at home, we need to ensure that students continue to build and practice social and emotional skills in meaningful ways, especially when distractions and anxieties from current events and in their personal communities are at an all-time high.”

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