7 Ways to Maintain Relationships During Your School Closure

Summary:  This article summarizes additional ways that teachers can maintain relationships with their students while schools are closed for the national health crisis.  These strategies range from online instruction, holding morning meetings online, calling on the telephone, and using snail mail and post cards.

Source:  Sarah Gonser, Edutopia, March 25, 2020

Description:  “In spite of some critics who downplay the importance of social and emotional learning and the value of belonging—the numbers of such skeptics is falling, to be sure — the research is clear and has been for some time: when kids spend their daytime hours in safe, supportive schools where adults work every day to build strong relationships with every student, they are simply better, more engaged learners.  But how should educators foster that sense of belonging in this new, decentralized world — with teachers and students tethered loosely together via Wi-Fi and cellular networks?”

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