Coping With Stress of Coronavirus Crisis a Challenge for California’s Students

Summary:  This article provides some insight on the stress and anxiety that the coronavirus is causing as students move to online instruction.  Views from students from various grade levels are presented to show how this outbreak has affected their lives.  Coping strategies are also suggested in the article.

Source: Patrick Hoge, EdSurge, March 23, 2020

Description:  “The mental toll of the coronavirus pandemic is unfolding inside homes throughout California, as students, parents and teachers learn to deal with a new normal of social distancing and remote learning. All of California’s four-year public universities and community colleges have shifted most in-person classes online, and nearly all of the state’s K-12 school districts have closed, teachers across the state scramble to learn how to provide instruction remotely. Already-stressed parents overnight have become homeschool teachers. Students, meanwhile, are coping with missing major milestones like commencements and SATs while those in college are preparing to postpone plans for the future.”

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