Help Students Process COVID-19 Emotions With This Lesson Plan

Summary:  Research has shown that one of the ways students can process their concerns and emotions over the COVID-19 Pandemic is through the arts.  This article suggests a lesson plan called “Turn Off the News” which is based on a song of the same name by Lukas Nelson, son of the legendary singer, Willie Nelson.  A set of questions will help students react to two different versions of this song,  Finally, students are encouraged to create their own version of the song.

Source:  Dr. Maurice Elias, Greater Good Magazine, August 14, 2020

Description:  “When we experience emotions like sadness and anxiety, research suggests that expressing them through visual and performing arts is one of the most effective ways to address them. Psychologist John Pellitteri has been a pioneer in showing how creating and performing music provides an outlet for processing strong emotion, and three major research reviews suggest that the arts are synergistic with children’s social and emotional development. School administrators, increasingly focused on meeting social-emotional learning (SEL) mandates, see the arts as a way to use SEL to reach many students in deep and meaningful ways”

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